“Our goal is to help 1 million homeowners and educate 1,000 agents.” Lee Honish, Creator. Home Advocates educates agents, investors and homeowners on real estate transactions, with a HUGE focus on homeowners who have missed payments and are seeking a dignified solution. Established in 2010 to serve.

Client Testimonial Videos:

Walker Whiteside – New York, NY

Aleks Lipovic – Los Angeles, CA

Don Betts – Denver, CO

About Us

We help people with real estate. If you have questions about your real estate transaction or need solutions, we are ready to help. Our executive team boasts a collective 100 years of real estate, banking and lending experience. Our ‘Home Advocates’ are the top agents, investors and real estate related professionals in the industry today! ALL OF THE MEMBERS OF HOME ADVOCATES HAVE PLEDGED TO EDUCATE THE PUBLIC!

Registered Home Advocates

Abe Singletary realestateinvestmentslac@gmail.com
Adonis Cruz cruzadonis@yahoo.com
Al Cabrera 562help@gmail.com
Aleks & Miles Lipovic aleks.lipovic@gmail.com
Alex Zujovich azujovich@yahoo.com
Anna Hishak hishak83@gmail.com
Anna Kitras anna@modernluxehomes.com
Antonio Atoche antonio@atocherealestate.com
April Taylor atammarine@yahoo.com
Art Madera arttmadera@gmail.com
Arthur Leal arthurshomes@yahoo.com
Barbara De Marco bdemarcorealtor@gmail.com
Barbara Frisby barbarafrisby@gmail.com
Brenden Rendo brenden@homesinorlando.forsale
Byron Valencia reotalk@gmail.com
Catherine Regal catherineregal@bellsouth.net
Chris Tucker nwpalaceproperties@nwpalaceproperties.com
Christopher Butner cbutner2@gmail.com
Chuck Congdon cdcongdon@gmail.com
Connie Gohata conniegohata@gmail.com
Daron Campbell info@daroncampbell.com
David Dinnel daviddinnel@gmail.com
David Shen david.shen@ymail.com
David Williams davidwillclose@gmail.com
Deanne DeGuzman-Cadelina deguzmancadelina@gmail.com
Deidre Pfeifer deeagent4u@gmail.com
Diana Ramirez diana.ramirez@me.com
DiOndra Anderson diamonds32@yahoo.com
Don Mosich djmosich@hotmail.com
Donald Betts bettsdonald@mac.com
Donald Ross donrossrealestate@gmail.com
Doug Fleishman spider00@protonmail.com
Doug Gillies douggillies2010@gmail.com
Douglas Marshall douglas@serenogroup.com
Edward Alvarez lacashofferteam@gmail.com
Emelda Ngum e_ngum@yahoo.com
ERIC BORJA info@teamborjare.com
Eric Hudson vegasrealtor@eric-hudson.com
Erika Luna erikaluna08@gmail.com
Evangelina Marshall eva@socalbeachprop.com
Evelhya Morales emoraleshomes@gmail.com
Frances Novotny Zetts francesnzetts@gmail.com
Francesca Levy levyhometeam@gmail.com
Fred Solomon fred@sfmdirect.com
Frederick E Howard fhoward573@gmail.com
Germain Abraham agent@abehomes.com
Gilbert Evans gilbert@gempropertysolutions.com
Gloria Baker goseeglo@gmail.com
Izabel Graves izabelre@gmail.com
Jacqueline Taylor jackietaylor2020@gmail.com
Jane Nathan janenathan2000@gmail.com
Janet Cadrin janet.cadrin@yahoo.com
Jayne Sanders jayne@jaynesanders.com
JC Preciado jcpreciado03@gmail.com
Jim Cooper justexcel@yahoo.com
Joanne “Jo” Barragan goseejo@gmail.com
Joe Erro joe@thehometeam.info
John Prentice john@calhomeco.com
Jon jon@thehometeam.info
Joseph Mody Jr. info@joesellslasvegas.com
Joyce Reese joycehelps@gmail.com
JULIE PETERSON juliepetersonrealestate@outlook.com
Katrina Deslatte Johnson katsellslv@yahoo.com
Kay Islam kayjrealty@yahoo.com
Kayla Pickney kaylapickney@yahoo.com
Kenneth Henry kenneth.henry42@gmail.com
Lawrence Strychalski larrystrychalski@gmail.com
Lee Honish leehonish@yahoo.com
Lilibell Diaz tdlservice4u@gmail.com
Linda Reinoso lindaprop444@gmail.com
Liza Florida lizaflorida@gmail.com
Lori Honish homeadvocates7@gmail.com
Lynnette Fox homesbylynnette@gmail.com
Marc Finnie marc@crampropertiesllc.com
Margaret Burkett margaret@slatecreekrealty.com
Maria Mojica marinesdistressteam@gmail.com
Mark Antonowsky mark@marksky.com
Marquise Angelo megasuccess2020@gmail.com
Marvin Miles mmiles5050@aol.com
Mayela Diarte mayediarte@gmail.com
Mayra Galvez mgalvez.realestate@gmail.com
Melanie Ford melanie.ford60@gmail.com
Michelle Ali michelle.ali@floridamoves.com
Michelle Dastyck michelle.dastyck@gmail.com
Mike Berrios mikeberrios@me.com
Nathalie Marles nmarles8@gmail.com
Pedro Romero pedromromero@sbcglobal.net
Pete AMBI petesellsvegas@yahoo.com
Pete Peralta petesellslv@gmail.com
Polly Blackwell polly.blackwell@cbrealty.com
Raymond Matthewson matthewsonr@hotmail.com
Regina Wayne reginacanhelp@gmail.com
Richard Daskam brokerrichard@gmail.com
Richard Fewer richardfewer.realestate@gmail.com
Richard French richardfrenchrealtyone@gmail.com
Richard Lasica richard@teamlasica.com
Rick Arciniega rick@midcityhub.com
Robert Zangel & Jenna Schottmuller robert.zangel@cbvegas.com
Roger Chandler kfsrchandler@gmail.com
Rose Ogbonna rose.reobroker@gmail.com
Sally Ellis sallyellis.advisor@yahoo.com
Sarah Jang sarahjang4re@gmail.com
Saul Carter saul@saulcarter.com
Shawna Bellendir shawna@takeushomecolorado.com
Shelly Ditzhazy ditzhazyshelly57@gmail.com
Sherry Dimick sold123sold@gmail.com
Shirley Grieco shirleygrieco@msn.com
Stella Bray stellasellsvegas@gmail.com
Stephen Rhu buckarhu@gmail.com
Stephen Thomsen elitesteve@outlook.com
Steve Love sloveassoc@aol.com
TERREL MILLER tmiller.realestate@gmail.com
Tina Hambleton tinahambleton@gmail.com
Tina Herrmann orlandoparadisehomes@gmail.com
Tony Co tony4homes@aol.com
Valerie SandovaL vsandovalre@gmail.com
virginia floyd varose331@gmail.com
Wade Wright wade@wadewright.com
Walker Whiteside walkerwhiteside@gmail.com
William Brauner william@luxuryhomeslv.com
William Lowery jenncsims@gmail.com